1000 meters of tunnel passed from Stakhanovskaya metro station

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Tunnelers overcame the 1000-meter mark of the tunnel from the future Stakhanovskaya metro station to the Nizhegorodskaya metro station.

The Victoria tunnel shield passed the one thousand meter mark on June 16, 2019, which corresponds to the ring of reinforced concrete lining No. 555..

During these thousand meters of the stretch from the stations under construction “Stakhanovskaya” and to the station “Nizhegorodskaya” of the Nekrasovskaya line of the Moscow metro, sections were passed in difficult engineering and geological conditions.
The minimum sinking speed is about 13 meters per day, and the maximum is about 20 meters per day..

The total length of the Stakhanovskaya – Nizhegorodskaya stage tunnel is 1,394 running meters. TBM’s operating mode is round – the-clock.

In the section from 330 to 940 meters, when tunneling in clays with a higher density, in the lower part of the TBM, the specialists of JSC “USK MOST” encountered difficulties in managing the complex and the tunneling was carried out at the maximum permissible parameters of the complex in these operating conditions.
Sinking is carried out in conditions of dense urban development in the immediate vicinity of Ryazan Avenue, near buildings and structures and engineering communications.
TBM is scheduled to enter the pit of the Nizhegorodsyaya station complex in July 2019. All tunneling works are carried out in strict accordance with the schedule.

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