Dismantling and lifting of the rotor of the shield-giant “Victoria”

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Comprehensive work is underway to dismantle TBM. The multi-ton rotor was lifted from the pit for further transportation.

During the dismantling of the Herrenknecht EPB-10690 tunneling complex, specialists of SK Most Group of companies, together with engaged crane operators, performed a unique operation of removing the shield rotor from the pit of the Nizhegorodskaya metro station under construction within a few hours.
With almost perfect precision, the Liebherr crawler super-crane with a load capacity of 750 tons, with the coordination of specialists from SK Most, lifted the 10-meter rotor from the pit of the station, centimeter by centimeter.

Due to the fairly dense location of technological equipment, trusses and other construction equipment on the site between the cranes, at certain times the distance between the rotor and the edges of the pit did not exceed just a few centimeters.
Passers – by and drivers passing along Ryazan Avenue at this time, watched a truly mesmerizing sight-a 170-ton TBM rotor hovering in the air.
Especially unusual was the part of the operation of dredging and placing the rotor on concrete slabs, when a second Liebherr crawler crane, with a load capacity of 220 tons – the “assistant” of the main one, was intercepted and turned 90 degrees in the air, without touching the ground, and as a result, two cranes put the rotor in the necessary position for transportation.
After these works are completed, the remaining large and heavy-weight elements of TBM will be dismantled and transported using these Liebherr heavy-weight cranes, as well as a special Cometto transportation system.

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