Unique operation for transporting a 10-meter TBM rotor

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In just a couple of hours, the specialists of SK Most managed to relocate the heavy rotor of the tunneling shield completely, indiscriminately into parts.

In Moscow, specialists of the SK Most Group of companies carried out, without exaggeration, a unique operation to relocate the huge 10-meter rotor of TBM “Victoria”, previously lifted by a Liebherr crane with a lifting capacity of 720 tons, from the pit of the “Nizhegorodskaya” station to the construction site of the future “Tekstilschiki” station, the Eastern part of the Great Ring Line (BKL) of the Moscow metro.

Transportation of the giant rotor on A special cometto trawl began late in the evening, on August 23 at about 23 PM.
The peculiarity of transportation of such a large-sized “cargo” was that despite the fairly heavy traffic on the streets of Moscow: “Nizhegorodskaya”, “Ryazanskiy Prospect”, and others, traffic was not blocked. As a result of well-coordinated and planned work of special accompanying services, specialists of the “Transport company SK”, a separate division of JSC “USK MOST” and the traffic police, it was possible to transport the rotor to the construction site for further operation without any traffic stops.

After delivery to the construction site, the specialists of OP “Dubrovka” JSC “USK MOST” without the use of crane equipment, using individually manufactured metal elements and standard hydraulics of the trawl, performed the operation of unloading the rotor with jewelry accuracy.
This was preceded by painstaking preparatory work for several months.
Similarly to the transportation of the rotor (whose diameter is 10.65 m), on the night of August 25-26, specialists of SK Most performed a set of works to relocate another large-sized part of the TBM-the tail shield, 10.6 m in diameter and 4 m high. The tail shield was also successfully moved to its destination in record time. Unloading was carried out in the same way as the rotor – without the use of heavy cranes.

SK MOST Group of companies for the first time in Russia has applied the technology of relocation of oversized elements of the tunnel-passing complex, which has allowed to reduce the time for preparatory work, dismantling and transportation of tpmk, reduce the number of construction equipment and human resources involved, extend the life of the rotor without major repairs, and optimize costs.

the Rotor shield

tail shield

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