Concreting of the roadway plate of the bridge over the Amur river has been completed

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All major works on concreting the pillars and spans of the Blagoveshchensk – Heihe road bridge have been completed

Joint efforts of specialists of SK Most and Chinese experts completed concreting the slab roadway cross-border bridge over the Amur river (Heilongjiang) near the cities of Heihe (China) and Blagoveshchensk (Russia). All eight grabs on the Russian side and the same number on the Chinese side are concreted.

Earlier, on August 31, at 6 am local time, an unusual concreting operation was performed on the road No. 7, common to the Russian and Chinese sides, with a length of 28 m (14 m each of the countries, in the middle of which the State border runs). At the same time, two concrete plants were put into operation on both banks of the Amur river. Preparatory work was agreed in advance by the builders for all technological processes. First, the Chinese side poured its part of the concrete on the fence from the state border line. Then, at intervals of one hour, Russian specialists began concreting their part of the fence from the state border line, preventing the partners from setting concrete. Thus, the simultaneous work on concreting the common grip of specialists from the two countries allowed to simultaneously complete an important stage of work.

On the bridge over the channel of the Amur river are as follows:

  • the device sealing plate of the carriageway;
  • preparation of metalwork surfaces for painting spans and bridge supports;
  • installation of a transition plate from the embankment to the bridge;
  • installing the expansion joint;
  • shore protection.

The following works are performed on the bridge over the Kanikurganskaya Bayou:

  • laying of asphalt concrete pavement;
  • painting of spans and bridge supports;
  • shore protection.

On the section of the D1 access road, the following works are performed:

  • concreting of embankment slopes;
  • installation of local treatment facilities No. 1 and No. 2 and storm sewers;
  • laying of engineering communications;
  • reconstruction of the complex of frontier engineering technical means (RITS) Border Management of the FSB of Russia for the period of operation of the object (bridge crossing);
  • construction of foundations for noise screens.

Currently, more than 500 people are involved in the construction. The work is carried out around the clock in accordance with the schedule.
The opening of automobile traffic along the two lanes of the highway is planned in 2020, after the introduction of international checkpoints on both sides of the bridge.

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