The road bridge over the Amur river is completely asphalted!

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The laying of asphalt concrete pavement on the Blagoveshchensk-Heihe bridge has been completed.

On October 6, 2019, specialists of the SK Most Group of companies completed work on laying asphalt concrete pavement on the roadway of the bridge crossing over the Amur river (Heilongjiang) in the area of the cities of Heihe (China) and Blagoveshchensk (Russia). Earlier, Chinese specialists also performed similar work on their side of the bridge across the Amur riverbed.

A distinctive feature of the construction of the first international road bridge between Russia and China was the use of an innovative import-substituting modifying additive “Polyepore-RP”, based on active rubber powder and polymer DST L30-01, when laying crushed-mastic asphalt concrete in the upper layer of the road surface of the bridge.
This solution was proposed after successful laboratory tests, the results of which showed a significant improvement in the basic physical and mathematical indicators, in comparison with the requirements of GOST 31015-2002.
Taking into account the high significance of the object and harsh operating conditions, the use of these technological solutions will increase the service life of the road part of this bridge.
At the same time, the site continues to work on the roadbed, shore protection, laying of engineering communications, painting and other works. The work is carried out around the clock.

The total length of the bridge between Russia and China will be more than 20 km, of which almost 14 km is the Russian part. The actual length of the bridge over the Amur river is 1080 meters.
After putting the bridge into operation, it will be able to move 630 trucks, 164 buses, 68 cars and about 5,5 thousand people per day.

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