Start of train traffic on the new axis of the bridge on the 249 km railway on Sakhalin island

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The first train was skipped on the new axis after reconstruction.

On October 20, 2019, the specialists of the SK Most Group of companies completed the installation of the superstructure and laying of the upper structure of the track on the longest bridge of the reconstructed infrastructure objects of the Sakhalin region from the 1067 mm gauge to the 1520 mm gauge of the far Eastern railway.

The total length of the bridge is 141.22 m, consisting of two spans (trusses), 66 meters each.
Assembly of metal structures of the superstructure was carried out by semi-weight method.
In the course of construction, as part of the implementation of the object, work was performed on:

  • concreting of reinforced concrete structures – 1297 m3
  • assembly of metal structures of the superstructure – 615 t
  • laying of the upper structure of the path – 1.1 km
  • filling of the roadbed of railway approaches – 11830 m3

A feature of this object is the device of the air duct for blowing snow from the upper structure of the path.

Group of companies SK Most performs on Sakhalin work on the reconstruction of the Sakhalin railway to a network-wide gauge standard of 1520 mm. Before that, the island operated a gauge width of 1067 mm according to the Japanese standard.

The project involves the reconstruction of 53 artificial structures located on the sections Korsakov-arsentyevka (21 bridge), arsentyevka-Buyukly (31 bridge and 1 culvert).

Construction of bridges is carried out:

  • on a constant crawl;
  • on an existing axis;
  • on the existing axis with the organization of movement during construction on a temporary bridge and bypass..

At the moment, railway traffic has been launched on new spans on 45 bridges. Construction and installation works are being carried out on the other objects.

The main work performed by the group of companies SK Most on Sakhalin island is planned to be completed by the end of 2019.


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