On the Russian part of the bridge over the Amur river in the test mode the technical start of the movement was carried out

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The main works on the Russian part of the bridge crossing the Amur river have been completed.

On November 29, 2019, the first international road bridge crossing over the Amur river was visited by the Minister of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East and the Arctic Alexander Kozlov and the Governor of the Amur region Vasily Orlov.

They met with specialists of the bridge construction contractor – SK Most Group of companies and a representative of the Customer-a Branch of the limited liability company for the development and construction of the bridge over the Amur (Heilongjiang) in Blagoveshchensk.

During the meeting, they thanked the builders for their dedicated work and hard work done efficiently and on time despite the difficulties associated with severe climatic conditions, unforeseen technical and technological factors.

“The construction company has been performing works since December 2016. The bridge crossing brought together more than 1,500 specialists from all over Russia, including the Amur region. The difficulties that were caused by the floods of 2018-2019, thanks to technical solutions, joint and coordinated work of builders, designers, and the customer, we overcame. To date, the main construction and installation work has been completed. The object is ready for the opening of the test movement”

– reported to the Minister and the Governor, Deputy General Director for construction of JSC “USK Most” Eduard Davydov.

Construction of the bridge began in December 2016. Its length is 1080 meters. Each of the parties (Russian and Chinese) built exactly half – 540 meters. The docking of the parts built synchronously from the two banks took place on may 31, 2019.

The total length of the bridge crossing is almost 20 kilometers, including 6 kilometers of road in China and 13 kilometers of access roads on the territory of Russia, in which another 278 meters is a bridge across the channel Kanikurganskaya.

Working traffic on the bridge will be synchronized with temporary checkpoints and launched in 2020.

After the bridge is put into operation, passenger traffic will be about 5500 people per day. According to the technical task, 630 trucks, 164 buses and 68 cars will be able to pass through it every day.


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