Specialists of JSC “USK Most” conducted a unique operation on the descent of the shield “Victoria” in the pit of the metro station

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For the first time in Russia, a 10-meter shield of the tunneling complex (tpmk) was assembled and moved from the surface of the construction site to the pit of the metro station "Tekstilschiki" (BKL).

On December 28, 2019, the specialists of USK Most JSC, as well as the involved contractors, carried out an operation that has no analogues in Russia to move and lower the shield of the tunnel complex entirely, with pre-Assembly on the surface.

The shield with a diameter of 10.6 meters and a weight of 830 tons was lowered into the mounting and shield chamber of the Tekstilschiki station under construction in the Eastern part of the Big Ring Line.

This was preceded by an enlarged Assembly of technological carts and the shield tpmk Herrenknecht 10690 “Victoria”.

The set of measures consisted of the following stages:

  • Lifting the shield Assembly portal system Jack Up JS250 to a height of 1 m above the level of the construction site;
  • Moving along the horizontal surface of the site for 50 meters, with a stop and positioning over the pit of the station under construction;
  • Lowering to 23 meters in the mounting-panel chamber, on the bed of the TPMC.

This set of measures made it possible to significantly reduce the time of installation of tpmk and its preparation for the beginning of tunneling works.

The total weight of the shield Assembly, including the crane (portal) system-more than 1100 tons.

The average speed of moving along the rails to the pit was about 9 m / h.

The tunneling complex will have to go underground about 1300 meters and connect the branch of the Big Ring line of the metro with the station “Printers” double-track tunnel.

Then, having passed about 1500 m-to pave the way to the future station “Nagatinsky Zaton”.

The preliminary start date for the tunnel is the end of January 2020.

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