The mayor of Moscow gave the start to the beginning of the new two-track tunnel from the Tekstilshchiki metro station under construction (BKL)

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Sergei Sobyanin launched a new tunnel from the railway station "Tekstilschiki" of the Eastern section of the BLK shield-giant " Victoria"

On January 27, 2019, in Moscow, at the site of the Tekstilschiki station under construction on the Eastern section of the Bolshaya Koltsevaya Line, the Herrenknecht 10690 Victoria tunnel complex, which had previously laid two tunnels between the Okskaya, Stakhanovskaya and Nizhegorodskaya stations, began tunneling.

The event was attended by: mayor of Moscow – Sergey Sobyanin, Deputy mayor for urban development policy and construction – Andrey Bochkarev, as well as Director of the Department of construction of Moscow – Rafik Zagrutdinov .

The mayor of Moscow went down to the installation and shield chamber, inspected the current state and readiness of the TBM, and uttered the cherished phrase for tunnelers: “I allow the start of the shield!”.

Then on mul using the crane specialists of Group of companies of the SK most traveled first block of concrete lining, and then, with a crane-stage loader this unit was delivered to the installation area of the ring inside the shield “Victoria”.

This event was preceded by painstaking preparation of the pit, enlarged Assembly of technological carts and the shield of the Herrenknecht 10690 “Victoria” tunneling complex.

Earlier, on New year’s eve, December 28, 2019, specialists of SK MOST Group of Companies together with specialists of contractors carried out a unique set of events that has no analogues in the history of Russian tunneling. A shield with a diameter of 10.6 meters and a total weight of 830 tons was moved and lowered into the installation chamber of the Tekstilschiki station under construction in the Eastern section of the BLK. This made it possible to significantly reduce the installation time of the tpmk and prepare it for the start of tunneling operations.

Tunnel Boring Machine “Victoria” will pass 1308 meters underground and connect the branch of the Big Ring line of the metro with the station “Printers” by a two-track tunnel.

EN route shield, in addition to buildings and structures, approximately 500 metres tpmk will be held under the current line of the Moscow Central Diameters crossing at three places, which will require specialists SK MOST Group of Companies maximum concentration and precision, because the offset of the current line of the IDC should not exceed one cm in any axis, in addition, the movement of the IDC should not stop.

Previously, tunnelers successfully coped with this task on the stretch between Stakhanovskaya and Nizhegorodskaya stations.

The preliminary date for the tunnel-passage shield to enter the pit of the Pechatniki station is July 2020.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies