TBM “Victoria” got into the Guinness book of records!

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Guinness World Records recorded in Moscow a world record for the largest number of tunneling complexes (TBM) working simultaneously on a single project: in Moscow, on March 18, 2020, 23 TBM’s were building a metro.

Among the complexes belonging to the Group of companies of the SK most Herrenknecht 10690 “Victoria”, which is currently paving a two-way tunnel long 1310 metres under construction between stations “Tekstilschiki” and “Pechatniki” Great circle Line (BKL) of the Moscow metro.

Witnesses recorded a video confirming that work is underway at the site, and TBM is laying a tunnel. At the same time, similar actions were carried out on other sites. After that, the record was confirmed by a Guinness world records judge.

Scheme – stroi.mos.ru

For “Victoria” getting into the Guinness Book of records is not the first achievement. At the end of December last year, specialists of JSC USK Most, part of the group of companies SK Most, conducted a unique operation to lower the shield into the pit of the metro station. Then, for the first time in Russia, the 10-meter TBM shield was able to be moved from the surface of the construction site to the pit of the future metro station “Tekstilschiki” (BKL) in assembled form. Previously, such boards were lowered in parts by various cranes of high load capacity.

To carry out the descent of the “Victoria” weighing 830 tons, the specialists of JSC “USK Most” with the help of the Jack Up JS250 portal system first raised it to a height of 1 m above the construction site, moved it more than 50 meters horizontally, positioned it over the pit and then lowered it 23 meters into the mounting panel chamber. This significantly shortened the installation period and brought the start of tunneling closer.

TBM “Victoria” started the sinking on January 27, 2020 and has already installed 122 rings of high-precision reinforced concrete lining, which is 219.6 of the 1,310 running meters of the new tunnel.

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