TBM “Victoria” successfully passed the section of the metro tunnel under the railway tracks

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During the construction of the section "Tekstilschiki" – "Pechatniki" metro statioms, the tunnel-passing shield overcame a difficult section under the railway tracks of the Small ring of the MZHD.

Specialists of SC Most group perform a complex of works on the construction of distillation tunnels from the station “Tekstilschiki” to the station “Nagatinsky Zaton” of the Third transfer circuit (TPC) of the Moscow metro.

Currently, the section from the station “Tekstilschiki” to the station “Pechatniki” is being tunneled by the “Herrenknecht EPB-10690” tunnel complex with a diameter of 10.69 m.

On may 1, 2020, after sinking 558 linear meters (which corresponds to the 310th ring of concrete lining), the tunnel complex began sinking under the railway tracks of the current line of the Moscow railway. It took 15 days to pass through the difficult section, and on the night of may 16, tpmk successfully passed through the intersection points of connecting branches #15 and #16 of the Small ring of the MZHD, I and II main tracks of the Kursk direction and went beyond the border of the dangerous section of the intersection.

To prevent the occurrence of accidents, as well as prevent excessive subsidence of the day surface, before entering the intersection zone with the MZHD, preventive work was carried out on the TBM. Specialists of JSC “USK MOST” conducted engineering preparation for the sinking. In addition, joint measures were developed and agreed with Russian Railways and the railway monitoring organization to take action in the event of emergency situations.

The drawdown of the railway track on this section of sinking is allowed no more than 26.2 mm, regardless of what work is being carried out in the area of the railway tracks.

Due to the accumulated extensive experience, the specialists of JSC “USK MOST” managed to meet the permissible norm in such a way that the subsidence of the surface and railway tracks did not exceed 7.8 mm.

At the moment, the sinking continues in normal mode.

As of may 16, 2020, 736.2 linear meters have been passed, 409 rings of high-precision reinforced concrete lining of the distillation tunnel from the station “Tekstilschiki” to the station “Pechatniki” have been installed.

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