The Governor of the Amur region visited the bridge across the Zeya river, where specialists of SK MOST Group of Companies are carrying out repair and restoration work

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The company's specialists replaced 4 plates at the first of the two emergency sections overnight.

The Governor of the Amur region Vasily Orlov visited the bridge over the zeyu river in Blagoveshchensk, which is in a critical condition and operates in emergency mode after the subsidence of the floor slab.
Specialists of SC MOST Group of Companies on the night of may 20 began repair and restoration work on the crossing.

“The contractor organization that is currently conducting restoration work, the organization is strong – this is USK MOST (part of the SK MOST Group of Companies) – the company that built the bridge over the Amur, it is also the winner in the competition for the construction of a new bridge (across the river Zeya-approx.), so highly qualified, with the appropriate personnel, equipment, and so on. Therefore, we will be able to carry out these works in a short time”,

– the Governor of the Amur region said.

The builders will have to replace the reinforced concrete slabs of the roadway and repair the longitudinal metal beam. The work will be carried out on two sites. After that, the asphalt pavement of the traffic lanes will be restored one by one.
During the night in the technological “window” builders have already replaced 4 plates on the first site.

“The first step has been taken. Specialists of SK MOST Group of Companies have started to restore the transport artery of the city of Blagoveshchensk – the bridge over the zeyu river will soon begin to pass cars in two lanes”,

– said Eduard Davydov, Deputy General Director of JSC “USK MOST”, at the construction site.

JSC “USK MOST” has been working in the region for a long time. The company’s specialists built the Russian part of the first cross-border road bridge between Russia and China across the Amur river.
In addition, in may, a contract was signed with the company for the construction of a new bridge over the Zeya river. Due to the emergency condition of the existing bridge, work on the new one will begin earlier than planned. It will be used for automobile traffic in one lane in each direction. According to preliminary estimates, the project will allow to unload the existing crossing by 40-60 %.

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