SK MOST Group of Companies continues reconstruction of railway infrastructure facilities in the Sakhalin region

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Builders begin work on the Western coast of Sakhalin island.

Specialists of the SK MOST Group of Companies continue to perform work on the reconstruction of infrastructure facilities of the far Eastern railway in the Sakhalin region.
SK MOST Group of Companies is converting the Sakhalin railway to a network wide gauge of 1520 mm. Prior to this, the island operated a gauge of 1067 mm wide according to the Japanese standard.

Since June 1, 2020, Russian Railways employees have started working on the Western coast of Sakhalin island from Nevelsk station to Chekhov station. At this time, specialists of SK MOST Group of Companies will have to work on 11 artificial structures, 9 of which are bridges of various lengths.

Despite the unfavorable epidemiological situation caused by the threat of spreading a new coronavirus infection, the company will employ more than 600 specialists in various fields, as well as more than 250 pieces of equipment to perform the work within the stipulated time frame. It is planned to start running trains on the reconstructed section after July 20, 2020.

The group has already completed a large amount of preparatory work on the construction of supports and installation of structures of superstructures, made the filling of the groundbed for the track of the General network width.
The project to reconstruct the railway infrastructure in the region includes the reconstruction of 53 artificial structures located on the Korsakov – Arsentievka (21 bridges) and Arsentievka – Nogliki (32 bridges) sections.

Bridge construction is carried out by:

  • on a constant crawl;
  • on an existing axis;
  • on the existing axis with the organization of traffic during construction on a temporary bridge and bypass.
The BTS-MOST Group of Companies