SK MOST Group of companies is 29 years old!

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Birthday greetings are accepted by all specialists of the Group of companies.

29 years ago, on July 9, 1991, the first construction division of the SK MOST Group of companies was organized.

It was created by specialists from Mostotrest-55 and Mostotrest-10, who worked on the construction of the Baikal-Amur mainline.

The MOST construction company started its activity with major repairs of the TRANS-Baikal railway facilities.

“Congratulations to the team of SK MOST!
29 years of hard and difficult work, which resulted in more than 3000 objects that are used by hundreds of thousands of citizens of our country every day.
There are even more interesting projects ahead of us, and I wish us all the best of luck!»

– Ruslan Baisarov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of USK MOST JSC, congratulated the employees.

Today, SK MOST Group of companies is one of the leading Russian companies in the field of transport construction, whose activities are inextricably linked with the development of domestic infrastructure.

Our specialists work on the construction and reconstruction of Railways and highways, bridges, tunnels, subways, ports and berths, runways, and hydraulic structures.

SK MOST Group of conpanies is proud of each of the implemented projects. The key ones are:

  • bridge crossing to Russian island across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait to the APEC-2012 summit in Vladivostok, which decorated the banknote with the face value of 2 thousand rubles;
  • combined road and railway Adler-station of the mountain climate resort “Alpika-Service” for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi;
  • objects of the sea port of Sabetta on the Yamal Peninsula;
  • the first cross-border road bridge Blagoveshchensk-Heihe across the Amur river, connecting Russia and China.

The group of companies congratulates all employees on the holiday, wishes them and their families good health, well-being and new interesting construction projects that will serve the population of all Russia.

Happy birthday, SK MOST!

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies