Large-scale work is underway on the construction site of the bridge over the Zea

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Journalists from leading news agencies and TV channels of the Amur region visited the construction site.

Timely delivery of construction materials, reversal of capacities at the construction site, drilling and concreting of piles, ensuring working conditions for workers, filling the technological road into the riverbed – the main tasks of the next month, which are occupied with the construction of the bridge over the Zea river.

“Now on the left-Bank construction site, the contractor organization USK MOST JSC is working on drilling and concreting drill piles, two drilling rigs are in active operation, the work is deployed on the 23rd and 24th pillars. In August, we plan to start construction of grillage supports. We are also engaged in the organization of technological sites, roads, logistics, timely delivery of construction materials, a sufficient amount of these materials, because now it is necessary to massively fill out large volumes of soil,”

said Eduard Davydov, Deputy General Director for construction of JSC USC MOST.

A 50,000-square-meter shift camp is being built here. Four modular dormitories designed for 752 people will be built on the territory of the town, as well as recreation rooms, a sports field, sanitary areas including a bath and comfortable showers will be created for the convenience of builders. Water supply will be provided by two wells: 60 meters — technical water and 160 meters-drinking water. To provide food for employees, a canteen is being built for 96 seats, and three hot meals a day will be organized in two shifts. Also on the territory of the town will be equipped with a medical center.

“Now more than 260 people work at the facility, during the peak volume of work we will employ about 1000 specialists, most of them will live in this shift town. For a shift worker, this is a second home, it is important for us that people feel comfortable, can relax after work, and get themselves in order,”

said Yevgeny Shvetsov, Deputy Director of the construction Directorate of USK MOST JSC.

A modular construction headquarters has already been built on the territory of the construction site, created for the operational work of specialists on site.

Recall that in early July of this year, the customer of the state institution “Amuruprador” in the framework of construction, the contractor transferred an engineering project and a construction site on the left Bank, as a result of which the construction organization went to the object. The issue of freeing up areas for the construction of the bridge in the city of Blagoveshchensk is currently being processed. this issue will be finally resolved by the end of August, and the site on the right Bank of the river will be transferred for construction for a full-scale turnaround of the contractor’s work on the second site of large-scale construction.

“In parallel, working documentation is being developed for the reconstruction of communications on the site in the city limits, and the owners will agree on the technical conditions under which we will rebuild these communications. There is a lot of work to be done, some communications need to be moved, and power lines, collectors, drainage systems, and communication cables will be rebuilt. When construction begins in the city limits, the work will be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, there will be no discomfort for residents living near the construction site, everything is provided for by the project,” – said Dmitry Dolgiy, chief engineer of the state institution “Amuruprador”.

As the representative of the construction company noted, work is carried out on the site around the clock, as well as without stopping for the winter period.

“In winter, we do not stop the construction process, the work is going on regardless of weather conditions, we will continue to install boring piles, grillings and support bodies – these works will be carried out on several supports at once, but with different stages of readiness,”

said Eduard Davydov, Deputy General Director for construction of JSC USC MOST.

The construction of a bridge over the Zea river is a landmark object for the region, which the regional Government has been working on for a long time. Thanks to the participation of the Governor, who announced to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin the importance of starting construction of the new bridge as soon as possible, this year the region was allocated 4.6 billion rubles from the Federal budget for its construction. All stages of construction of the facility are monitored by the Governor on a weekly basis.

Ministry of transport of the Amur region

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