Specialists of JSC “USK MOST” started repairing the bridge over the Zea

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Builders will have to replace the floor slabs in three "technological Windows".

On the night of August 20-21, employees of JSC USK MOST started repairing the bridge over the river. The Zeya in Blagoveshchensk. To complete the work, traffic on the bridge will be completely blocked from 8 PM to 6 am.

The builders will have to replace the plates whose defects were revealed during the daily inspection of the bridge.

“The current repair will take place in 3 stages with a complete bridge closure, in the so-called “technological Windows” lasting 10 hours. In the first window, today, it was planned to replace two plates. After dismantling the emergency plate, the adjacent ones were inspected. No structural integrity violations were detected. Replacement of the second plate was not required. In the next window, we plan to replace four slabs, and in the third – two more,”

– said Eduard Davydov, Director of the construction Directorate of USK MOST JSC.

After each replacement of the slabs, work will be carried out for several days to restore the asphalt pavement, which will require a partial overlap of the bridge. Traffic during this period will be organized in reverse mode.

Specialists of JSC “USK MOST” in may already carried out emergency repair of the bridge over the Zea after potentially dangerous sections were identified in April this year. Repairs were also carried out at night. The work was completed earlier than planned.

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