Replacement of TBM Victoria’s Cutting Tool Is Completed

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Tunnelling of Tekstilshchiki-Pechatniki section (Big Circle Line) is in progress.

The specialists of the USK MOST JSC have completed the scheduled replacement works of TBM Victoria’s cutting tool 104 at Sta. +11.25 of the interstation tunnel from Tekstilshchiki station to Pechatniki station of the Moscow Metro’s Big Circle Line. In order to do that, a section of a soil body was fixed by the construction of bored-secant and soil-cement piles with a dewatering system.

In total, the specialists of USK MOST JSC replaced:

  • 50 single-disk cutters (chisels)
  • 6 double-disk cutters (chisels)
  • 48 buckets
  • 98 cutters

When the works were completed, Victoria continued the tunnelling to Pechatniki station (The  Big Circle Line) under construction. 412.2 meters are left before entering its construction pit, which is equal to 229 rings of concrete lining.

The length of the interstation tunnel between Tekstilshchiki station and Pechatniki station (The Big Circle Line) is 1308 metres.

After entering its construction pit, approximately in October 2020, construction specialists are to transfer the TBM across Pechatniki station, and to carry out a set of measures to prepare the TBM and related technological equipment for driving the Pechatniki – Nagatinsky Zaton interstation tunnel.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies