Demolition of Old Overpass in Svobodny City Has Started

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The builders have already demolished penultimate span consisting of seven 18-meter reinforced concrete beams

The specialists of SK Mostotrest LLC, a part of the SK MOST Group of Companies, demolished an 18-meter-long span between of the first and the second pillars of the old overpass in Svobodny. Now the builders continue to demolish the piers themselves.

Demolition of the overpass section that belongs to the central part of the city is to be completed on September 30, and then the specialists will begin demolition works of the section located in the Zalineyny District of the city.

After collapse of the overpass span along Mikhailo-Chesnokovskaya Street in 2018, the residents of Svobodny have to find alternate routes to get to the other part of the city.

“There are no difficulties with demolition, all operations are familiar to us and are being carried out according to the schedule. First, we demolish the road section and the screed coat, then we dismantle the span, and finally we remove the old piers. These works are identical on both sides of the overpass,”

said the Head of the building site Ignat Podolyako.

When the demolition of the old structures is finished, the specialists of SK Mostotrest LLC will proceed to the well-drilling to install the bored piles of the new overpass.

The length of the new construction will be 174 meters, and four reinforced concrete piers will serve as its foundation. The span, in contrast to the old reinforced concrete one, will be made of metal.

This year it is planned to demolish the existing overpass, install bored piles and start the construction of the new piers.

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