Vasily Orlov: ‘It Is Planned to Put Overpass in Svobodny into Operation in October of 2021’

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The Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov visited the construction site of a new overpass in Svobodny.

Let us remind that the construction of a very important facility for the city is carried out by USK Most JSC. The company has already erected the bridge across the Amur River and is now building the bridge over the Zeya.

The bridge will rest on two piers; there will be no supports in the middle of the railway tracks. In this way the train traffic does not stop. If it is necessary, builders will work during the so-called track possessions. The cost of the work is over 1 billion rubles, the bulk of the federal funds is already received.

“We know this contractor very well, we know that it is responsible. We have examined the construction progress today and we see that it goes on as scheduled. We look forward to the earliest possible erection of the facility so much, as the collapse of the old overpass brought a lot of inconvenience to the residents. According to the plan, the  construction is to be completed in October of the next year,”

pointed out the Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov.

“As of today, the span structure and supports of the old overpass located in the central part of the city are already dismantled; filling of two construction sites has been completed, a shift camp has been buit, and at the moment, the overpass section located in the Zalineyny District of the city is under dismantling. As for now, 30 people and 21 pieces of equipment are engaged позволит in work on the construction site. The construction works are carried out as scheduled,”

said the Director of the Construction Directorate of USK MOST JSC Eduard Davydov.

As a reminder, the collapse of the overpass in Svobodny happened in October, 2018.

The residents are looking forward to the construction of the overpass. The absence of an overpass resulted in the neccessity to take a 4-km-long detour road to get from one part of Svobodny to another.

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