Specialists of SK MOST Group of Сompanies Completed Tunneling Excavation between Tekstilshchiki and Pechatniki Stations of the Moscow Metro’s Big Circle Line

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TBM Victoria broke through on the 28th of October.

On October 28, 2020, a double-track interstation tunnel was broken through on the section starting from Tekstilshchiki station under construction, with TBM entrance into the pit of Pechatniki station of the Big Circle Line of the Moscow Metro.

SK MOST Group of Companies is a contractor for the construction of Moscow metro tunnels.

The tunneling works were carried out with a unique 10-meter Herrenknecht EPB-10690 (S-517) tunnel boring machine (TBM) named “Victoria”. The length of the tunnel is 1,310 m. The outer diameter is 10.3 m, and the inner diameter is 9.4 m.

The constructed tunnel features a double track, thus the construction period is a significantly shorter, as two tracks for trains are located in one tunnel.

The tunnel runs under the railway tracks of the Kursky railway line and the Little Ring of the Moscow Railway.

“Today we have completed tunneling from Tekstilshchiki station to Pechatniki station of the Big Circle Line of the Moscow Metro. The tunnelling was carried out in densly built-up urban areas in close proximity to Shoseinaya Street, in the vicinity of buildings, facilities and utility lines. It was complicated because of difficult hydrogeological conditions: fine water-saturated sands, highly plastic  loams and clays. But, finally, Victoria holed through at Pechatniki station!”,

said the Head of the “Dubrovka” separate division of USK MOST JSC, a part of the SK MOST Group of Companies, Konstantin Ponomarenko.

The maximum speed of the TBM reached over 450 meters per month.

The tunneling began in February 2020 and lasted 9 months.

Now, the specialists of the SK MOST Group of Companies are to carry out the transfer of TBM Victoria across the entire length of the future Pechatniki station. After that, the TBM will continue drilling the Big Circle Line to Nagatinsky Zaton station.

The length of the Pechatniki – Nagatinsky Zaton interstation tunnel will be 1,692 running meters. The scheduled tunneling period is January-June 2021. The tunnel route will pass in the area with ​​high anthropogenic load (civil and industrial facilities, highways, a lot of underground communications), as well as under the existing Pechatniki metro station of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line. One of the features of the future route of the interstation tunnel is that it will be the driven under the streambed of the Moskva River.

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