Builders Started to Install Bored Piles of a Pier of a New Overpass in Svobodny City

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An old construction is totally dismantled.

The specialists of SK Mostotrest LLC, a part of SK MOST Group of Companies, proceeded to the installation of bored piles of the first pier of a new overpass in Svobodny.

After the collapse of the span of the overpass on Mikhailo-Chesnokovskaya Street in 2018, the residents of Svobodny have to use a detour route to get to the other part of the city. In September 2020, the SK MOST Group of Companies started the reconstruction of the destroyed structure.

The first borehole is already drilled, the reinforcement cage is lowered down and the process of concrete placement has begun, these works mean the actual start of the construction of the new overpass. The first pier will be founded on four bored piles, which are 21 meters deep.

“Currently, our forces are focused on the construction of the new overpass, the old one has been completely dismantled, we have started concreting the first pile belonging to the urban section of the new crossing, there are no difficulties. 35 people and 21 units of equipment are engaged at the construction site, the works are performed on schedule,”

said the construction site manager Alexander Borisevich.

Up to date, the spans and piers of the old overpass have already been dismantled, filling of two construction sites has been completed, and a shift camp has been constructed. This year, the builders plan to finish the installation of the bored piles of all four supports of the new overpass and to start the works on the construction of  the abutment caps, as well as the construction of the pile caps for the central piers.

The length of the new facility will be 174 meters. The superstructure, in contrast to the old reinforced concrete one, will be metal.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies