Traffic on Railway Bridge over the Don River Is Launched!

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The General Director of STROY-TREST JSC, a part of the SK MOST Group of Companies, reported to the Russian Railways Board that the bridge is fully completed.

During the board meeting of the company, Oleg Belozerov, the General Director of Russian Railways, opened the new railway bridge across the Don River in the area of the Tsimlyansk Reservoir for traffic.

“Traffic launch is allowed! Congratulations to the staff of the Privolzhskaya Railway. Happy trails!”

he said.

The event was held in a video conference format. Vyacheslav Kokurovsky, the General Director of STROY-TREST JSC, a part of the SK MOST Group of Companies, reported to the Board of JSC Russian Railways directly from the site near the new bridge.

Specialists of the SK MOST Group of Companies erected the new bridge crossing parallel to the old one, that was built in 1951. It will significantly increase the speed and carrying capacity of trains running along the Morozovskaya-Volgograd section. The new bridge will make it possible for freight trains weighing up to 12 thousand tons to pass at a speed of up to 90 km/h.

“The metal superstructures were designed as unconventional ones according to  one-off design project of the institute, the reinforced concrete supports of the bridge were designed as precast and cast-in-situ structures, the track was laid on reinforced concrete slabs of a ballastless bridge deck. More than 20 thousand cubic meters of monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete were poured, more than 4 thousand tons of steel structures of superstructures were installed, more than 2 million cubic meters of railway embankment soil were filled,”

said General Director of STROY-TREST JSC.

He expressed gratitude to all project participants.

“I would like to point out that during the construction of the bridge, our company managed to create a team of young specialists, who gained a unique experience and, of course, will be in demand during implementation of important building projects of the country,”

Kokurovsky added.
Video of SK MOST Group of companies
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