Construction of the Bridge Across the Zeya River Is Onwards and Upwards. Work on All Construction Sites Is in Full Swing

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Vasily Orlov was briefed on the progress of the project

The head of the region held a video conference meeting on the progress of the project “Construction of the bridge across the Zeya River”.

“Today the project has gained momentum. We are working at full capacity at all sites,”

said Eduard Davydov, the Director of the Сonstruction Directorate of the USK MOST JSC.

Preparatory works are completed – more than 300 thousand cubic meters of sand filling was done.

“We have a full-fledged construction site on the left bank, noted Eduard Davydov. – All the infrastructure for living is created. We have completed filling of temporary roads. Now, we are working at the river bed. The platform of pier No.12 is filled. We are planning to get to the 11th pier.”

The approach roads to the left bank take 4 kilometers. Work is carried out from the pier No.26 – a bridge to the Vladimirovka-Belogorsk Highway. There are 60 dump trucks, 15 bulldozers, 10 excavators and some special equipment.

“We believe that we have achieved the goal, set for ourselves, to organize the workforce for road construction,”

said the representative of the USK MOST JSC.

As for the bridge section, the works are being carried out on 13 piers. More than 7 thousand cubic meters of concrete were laid. Drilling works are carried out on piers Nos. 7, 14, 13, 19, 20.

In total, there are 672 people at the site and 161 units of construction equipment.

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