Specialists of the SK MOST Group of Companies Сoncreted the First Pile Cap of the Overpass Pier in Svobodny City

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57 cubic meters of concrete were laid

On the construction site of the new overpass in Svobodny, the specialists of the SK Mostotrest LLC, a member of the SK MOST Group of Companies, completed the concreting of the pile cap of the new structure’s pier. In four hours, the builders laid 57 cubic meters of concrete; to maintain favourable conditions, the work was carried out in a heated enclosure.

“We have finished concreting the pile cap of the second pier, once the concrete gains sufficient strength, we will start the erection of the pier body. At the same time, we have completed static tests on the third pier, which proved the stability of the bored piles, and in the near future we will start the pile cap reinforcement,”

said the construction site manager Alexander Borisevich.

The project of the new overpass involves the installation of two pile caps on the second and third piers. In total, the overpass will rest on four piers, which, unlike the piers of the old structure, will not be placed on the railroad tracks. The length of the new overpass will be 174 meters.

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