Specialists of the SK MOST Group of Companies Are Constructing Approach Roads to the New Zeya Bridge

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The height of the embankment will range from 6 to 9 meters

Within construction of a new bridge crossing over the Zeya River in Blagoveshchensk, specialists of the USK MOST JSC, which is a part of the SK MOST Group of Companies, have already removed the topsoil and partially filled 5.5 out of 7 kilometers of approach roads. The height of the embankment will be from 6 to 9 meters high; in total, more than three million cubic meters of saturated soil will be moved.

197 people and 63 units of equipment are involved in the construction of the road section of the bridge crossing.

“At the same time with the construction of the main road bridge, the specialists started to build approach roads and have already partially filled 5.5 out of 7 kilometers. The route begins in Blagoveshchensk at the crossroads between Gorky street and Pervomaiskaya street, then passes across a two-kilometer bridge, and becomes a part of the highway, which ends at 116 km of the ”Amur” federal highway. The road surface on the new highway will be designed for all types of loads, for all categories of vehicles. The builders have a lot of work to do, but the contractor’s team has a vast experience, and I am sure that everything will be done at a high-quality level and on time,”

commented Vasily Orlov, the Governor of the Amur Region.

The route runs across a floodplain next to the river, where the soil is filled up with water, that is why the work on its replacement is carried out during the cold season.

“Now we are stripping the topsoil, replacing inapplicable soil with sand, in the places of “oxbow wetlands” (watercourses) we are replacing the unusable soil with crashed stone, and we are also constructing an embankment up to two meters high in the winter season. We plan to complete the construction of the lower part of the embankment along the entire length of the road before the stable temperature is above freezing, “

said Oleg Volkov, the Deputy Head of the Road Construction Branch Office of the USK MOST JSC.

The new Zeya Bridge is being built simultaneously from the both banks. It will rest on 26 piers and have a cable-stayed structure. The total length of the facility is 9 kilometers, 2 kilometers of which are the bridge, 7 kilometers are the approaches.

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