Over 850 people are engaged in construction of the new Zeya Bridge

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The head of the Amur Region listened to the report of the chief project officer on the progress of construction

At a meeting the head of the project and the head of the branch office of the USK MOST JSC Eduard Davydov reported the head of the region, Vasily Orlov, on gradual increase of the workforce and equipment at the construction sites of the new Zeya Bridge.

“Construction is on schedule. On the right bank of the Zeya River, bored piles are being built on piers Nos. 7 and 8. The installation of the bored piles on supports Nos. 6, 14, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 has been fully completed. In total, 151 out of 258 pillars have been installed. We proceeded with the reinforcement of the pile cap of pier No.14, the excavation of foundation pit for the support No.22 is underway. Sheet pile installation for supports No.19 and 21 has begun, – To date, the total volume of concrete laid in the structure is almost 11 thousand cubic meters. The work on the assembly of the superstructure on the left bank of the river is underway. On the right bank, the construction of the assembly jig supports is being carried out. From March, it is planned to supply the steel structures of the superstructure to the right bank.”

Davydov said.

856 employees work at the sites and 182 units of equipment are involved. After March 1, it is planned to relocate two more piling and drilling rigs, so that the quantity of the equipment at the construction sites will increase to six.

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