Specialists of the SK MOST Group of Companies Began Assembling the Superstructure of the New Overpass in Svobodny City

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The 17th bridge unit is already assembled

Specialists of the SK Mostotrest LLC, a member of the SK MOST Group of Companies, have received the first batch of steel structures of the superstructure of the new overpass in Svobodny city, the Amur Region. As soon as the incoming quality control, which involves a diagnostic check and an examination of geometric parameters for compliance with the design solution, was completed, the builders proceeded to the pre-assembly of the spans.

“To date, our specialists have completed the pre-assembly of the 17th bridge unit of the superstructure. The elements are connected using high strength bolts. Later, the assembled superstructure will be installed on piers using longitudinal launching method,”

said Viktor Martynenko, the General Director of the SK Mostotrest LLC.

The Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov visited the construction site and assessed the work progress.

 “We control the progress of the work, at the same time we do not doubt its quality, because in this case we are talking about a reliable, proven contractor. The facility is being built in a short time period using advanced technologies. Construction is proceeding on schedule; specialists are assembling structures, preparing for launching. The construction of the overpass will be completed this year. We know how important it is for Svobodny and for its residents,”

said the head of the Amur region.

During March, all the elements of the superstructure are to arrive at the construction site; assembly will be carried out at the same time with the launching, the first stage of which is scheduled for April.

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