Yury Trutnev visited the construction sites of the facilities that are being built by the SK MOST Group of Companies in the Amur Region

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On the new Zeya bridge and the overpass in Svobodny, the preparation work for the launching of the superstructure is underway

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Russian Federation to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev visited the construction sites of the facilities that are being built by the SK MOST Group of Companies in the Amur Region.

The first facility was the overpass in the town of Svobodny; Viktor Martynenko, the General Director of the SK Mostotrest LLC (part of the SK MOST Group of Companies), reported to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation on the construction progress.

“On the highway overpass, the pre-assembly of superstructures continues, 250 tons have been assembled on the building berth. 932 out of 1,076 tons of metal structures of superstructures have been delivered to the site, the other 144 tons are on the way. Pier No.2 is completely ready for the launching and the preparation of pier No.3 for launching has begun. The work on the construction of a temporary pier is underway,”

reported Viktor Martynenko.

In October 2018, Yury Trutnev already visited the site of the collapsed overpass in the town of Svobodny. Back then he gave an order to start reconstruction of the emergency structure as soon as possible.

The Deputy Prime Minister also visited the construction site of the new Zeya Bridge in Blagoveshchensk during his work trip to the Amur Region. The event was also attended by Ruslan Baisarov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the USK MOST JSC (part of the SK MOST Group of Companies).

The head of the project and the head of the Zeya branch office Eduard Davydov reported on the progress of the project.

“The bridge consists of 26 piers, its length is 2 kilometers. The main part is an over-water superstructure – a cable-stayed extradosed section of the bridge which is 540 meters long. We work simultaneously on 16 piers, in total about two thousand specialists and about 300 pieces of equipment are involved in the project. In April, we plan to proceed to the first stage of the launching from the left bank. We are a little bit ahead of the schedule. We plan to open the facility for traffic in a test mode by the end of 2022 and put it into operation in the mid-2023. We are almost a year ahead of the construction schedule specified in the contract,”

said Eduard Davydov.

The decision to build the new Zeya Bridge was made after the detection of defects in the existing bridge in April 2020. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to allocate funds for the construction of the bridge in the advance.

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Overpass in Svobodny town

The length of the new facility will be 173 meters and it will rest on four reinforced concrete pillars. The superstructure, unlike the old reinforced concrete one, will be made of metal. The first stage of the superstructure launching is planned for April. Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for the IV quarter of 2021.

New Zeya Bridge

The new road bridge will have twenty-six piers and a cable-stayed structure. The total length of the facility is 9 km, of which 2 km are the bridge section, 7 km are the approaches.

Car traffic on the bridge will be arranged in one lane in each direction. According to preliminary estimates, project implementation will decrease the traffic load on the existing bridge by 40-60%, which will allow the residents of the Amur Region to cover the distance between the city and the federal highway with great comfort.

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