The first stage of launching of the superstructure of the new Zeya Bridge has begun

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The weight of the launched structure is about 700 tons

The specialists of the USK MOST JSC, which is a part of SK MOST Group of Companies, have started the launching of the superstructure of the new Zeya Bridge in Blagoveshchensk. The work is being carried out from the pier No. 26. The launching speed reaches 3 m/hour.

The builders apply the longitudinal launching method using hydraulic equipment. The total weight of the launched structure is about 700 tons, the length is 222 meters, including the 42-meter launching nose.

“We have proceeded to the next stage of work – launching of the superstructure of the left-bank section – at the moment we have covered 48 out of 168 meters. There are about 2.5 thousand tons of steelwork of the superstructure on the construction site. All work is on schedule”,

said the head of the project and chief of the branch office of the USK MOST JSC Eduard Davydov.

The structural parts of the superstructure are assembled on the building birth and are launched by lifting jacks along the sliding devices onto the ready-made piers one by one.

The work progress was evaluated by the Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov.

“The new bridge across the Zeya is a strategically important facility for us. Therefore, we continue to monitor the progress of the erection, we are ready to provide any support. It is important to coordinate the work at all stages, to observe all the schedules,”

noted Vasily Orlov.

The new road bridge will have twenty-six piers and a cable-stayed structure. The total length of the facility is 9 km, of which 2 km are the bridge section, 7 km are the approaches.

Car traffic on the bridge will be arranged in one lane in each direction. According to preliminary estimates, project implementation will decrease the traffic load on the existing bridge by 40-60%, which will allow the residents of the Amur Region to cover the distance between the city and the federal highway with great comfort.

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