Launching of the superstructure of the new overpass in Svobodny has started

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The weight of the sliding structure is 600 tons

Specialists of SK Mostotrest LLC, that is a part of SK MOST Group of Companies, have started the main stage of launching the superstructure of the new overpass in the town of Svobodny. The total weight of the sliding structure is about 600 tons, the length is 112 meters, including a 30-meter launching nose.

“To date, we have covered 38 out of 54 meters, our task is to install the launching nose on the second temporary support, thereby we will clear the building berth for further pre-assembly of the superstructure,”

said Aleksandr Borisevich, the site supervisor of SK Mostotrest LLC.

Builders use the longitudinal launching method. The superstructure elements are assembled on the building berth and, using hydraulic equipment, are pushed along the sliding devices one after another onto the readymade supports.

“Work on the construction of the overpass is on schedule, after the completion of all stages of the sliding, we will proceed to superstructure waterproofing, installation of isolation joints, and installation of barrier railings,”

said Viktor Martynenko, General Director of SK Mostotrest LLC.

The Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov commented on the construction of the facility.

“Bridge builders moved on to the next stage of work on the overpass in Svobodny, so the bridge is already taking its shape. Closed attention is paid to the construction of the facility. Quite recently, we were there together with Yury Petrovich Trutnev (Deputy Prime Minister, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District). The city is waiting for this overpass, because it will ensure the main traffic flow of the city between the Zalineiny District, a developing industrial area of the city, and its central part.

After the collapse of the viaduct in October 2018, there is a serious traffic congestion. We managed to find funding, a large reliable contractor – USK MOST – is working on schedule. We need to construct facilities like this in several other settlements. In particular, in Novobureyskoye, we will be able to start the work this year, if the federal assistance is confirmed to us. We also discussed this issue with Yuri Trutnev and with Marat Khusnullin, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Construction and Regional Development, who was at the facility this spring. We are preparing the necessary documents,”

noted Vasily Orlov.

The new structure will be 174 meters long and will be based on four reinforced concrete pillars. The superstructure, in contrast to the old reinforced concrete one, will be metal made of weather-resistant steel of 345-14HGNDTs-2 grade, which does not require anti-corrosion protection throughout its entire service life.

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