The first stage of construction of the roadbed embankment for the access roads to the new Zeya Bridge is completed

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More than 660 thousand cubic meters of roadbed is filled

Specialists of USK MOST JSC, a member of the SK MOST Group of Companies, have completed the first stage of embankment construction along all seven kilometers of access roads to the new bridge across the Zeya River in Blagoveshchensk. In the course of the work, the top soil layer was stripped, the unusable soil was replaced by sand, and in the places of watercourses – by gravel, and an embankment up to two meters high was also erected.

“To date, work has been carried out on the excavation of unusable soil in the amount of more than 350 thousand cubic meters and filling of the roadbed in the amount of more than 660 thousand cubic meters. We have reached the junction with the federal highway and are currently preparing for the construction of interchanges,”

said the Deputy Head of the branch office for road construction of JSC USK MOST Oleg Volkov.

The builders will have to construct two transport interchanges: an overpass will be built at the junction with the federal highway, and an at-grade intersection will be built at the intersection with the Vladimirovka-Zarechny Highway. Now, 200 people (one shift) and 65 pieces of equipment are involved in the construction of access roads around the clock.

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