Construction of an overpass as part of the approaches to the new Zeya Bridge has begun

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The structure is located at the junction with the federal highway

Specialists of USK MOST JSC, which is a part of the SK MOST Group of Companies, proceeded to the erection of an overpass at the intersection of the access roads of the new Zeya Bridge with the Amur federal highway. At the moment, pile driving for the third and fourth supports of the overpass is being carried out.

“You can already see where the exit to the new Zeya Bridge will be located. We have started the construction of the overpass – at the moment one drilling rig is in operation at the site, pile driving is underway. During construction works an asphalted bypass road will be arranged for the convenience of residents and guests of the city,”said the project supervisor and the head of the branch office of USK MOST JSC Eduard Davydov.

The basis of the new overpass will be four monolithic reinforced concrete piers, a prefabricated reinforced concrete superstructure with a total length of 81 meters.

The construction of the new Zeya Bridge includes the construction of access roads with a length of 7 km, the builders will also have to erect two transport interchanges: an overpass will be built at the junction with the federal highway, and an interchange will be built on the same level with the intersection with the Vladimirovka-ZarechnyHighway.

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