The builders of the new Zeya Bridge started erecting supports from barges

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Three of the five piers will be erected using floating platforms.

Specialists of USK MOST JSC (part of the SK MOST Group of Companies) began to erect piers using floating platforms. For work on the water, builders use special barges equipped with cranes and drilling rigs.

“Two barges are installed in place of supports Nos. 8 and 9. Work on the sheet pile walls driving is underway at the 8th support, pit drilling for the installation of bored piles is in progress at the 9th support. Up to 20 people are working on each support per shift. In total, 21 units of equipment from our own fleet are involved in the work on the water”, said the project supervisor and the head of the branch office of JSC USK MOST Eduard Davydov.

The work on the water entails the accuracy of positioning, with each new operation the barge changes its position, after which it is fixed using of anchors and bollards. For the transportation of people and cargo, boats and scows are used.

The over-water section the new Zeya Bridge will be based on five piers – three of them will be erected with the use of floating platforms. In total, the new road bridge will rest on 26 supports and have a cable-stayed structure. The total length of the facility is 9 km, of which 2 km are the bridge part, 7 km are the approaches.

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