The first pair of pylons has been installed on the right bank of the Zeya River, and the builders have started to set up a cable-stayed system. Vasily Orlov held a meeting on the new Zeya Bridge construction

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Eduard Davydov, the project supervisor and the head of the USK MOST JSC branch office, reported to the Governor Vasily Orlov on the ongoing work at the construction site.

“We have carried out flood prevention measures. The superstructures of the temporary bridge have been dismantled, this is the right bank. On the left bank, construction equipment has been removed from the areas, that are expected to be flooded, to higher ground levels,” Eduard Davydov said.

The work on the construction of the superstructure is underway. To date, on the left-bank site 2,298 tons of metal structures of the superstructure have been assembled, on the right-bank construction site 1,228 tons have been put together.

“The first pair of pylons has been installed on the right bank – it is the support No.10, we have started to set up the cable-stayed system. While the water level is acceptable, the work in the place of the support No.8 is being carried out”, the project supervisor informed.

As for the road, 1,060,100 m3 of subgrade is laid down. The work is hampered as all the approach roads, seven kilometers of the left bank, are flooded by groundwater.

On the right bank, the builders continue to work on a fully-fledged basis. The facility employs 957 people, 155 pieces of equipment.

“We will monitor the water level and react to the situation accordingly,” Eduard Davydov said.

The flood situation has a significant impact on the construction of the new bridge across the Zeya. The Head of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov paid attention to this fact at the meeting.

“The flooding in July had a great impact on the construction of an important transport infrastructure facility of the region. Now, the flood situation in the region is also an unfavorable, it dictates its own rules. We believe that the builders will promptly react to the changes and will make every effort to return to the work as scheduled,” Vasily Orlov said.

Source: Government of the Amur Region

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