The first stay cables have been installed at the new Zeya Bridge

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The stay cables are 47.5 meters long

The specialists of the USK MOST JSC, a subsidiary of the SK MOST Group, have installed the first stay cables at the new Zeya Bridge in the city of Blagoveshchensk in the Amur Region.

The installation of the stay-cable system involves several stages. First, pylons are erected and anchor blocks are mounted. After that, the strands – metal ropes located inside the encasement of stay cables – are to be installed. They are stressed up to a certain tension force, and each stage requires different tension. At the final stage, anti-vandal tubes and cable encasements are installed in the design position.

“The first stay cables have already been installed on the pylons of support No. 10, their length is up to 47.5 meters. The cable-stayed system of the new Zeya Bridge was manufactured in Russia,” said Eduard Davydov, Project Supervisor and Head of the Branch Office of USK MOST JSC.

The cable-stayed system is the basis of the bridge over-water part from the 8th to the 10th support, the length of each of the two over-water spans is 132 meters. The total weight of the entire cable-stayed structure is over 52 tons. The number of strands in each stay cable varies from 36 to 50 pieces.

Traffic on the bridge will be arranged in one lane in each direction. According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of the project will allow relieve traffic congestion on the existing bridge crossing by 40-60%, which will allow the Amur residents travel between the city and the federal highway with great comfort.

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