Vasily Orlov: “The overpass in Svobodny will be commissioned in October”

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Asphalt paving starts on Sunday

On Sunday, asphalt laying will begin on the overpass in Svobodny, the construction of the facility is nearing completion. During a working trip to the city of Svobodny, the Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov visited the construction site.

“This facility will be commissioned in October as scheduled, we do not see any risks. It is built according to the most modern requirements at the site where an overpass collapsed two years ago,” said Vasily Orlov.

The builders of SK Mostotrest LLC, which is part of SK MOST Group of Companies, have started laying the foundation for asphalt on the overpass in the city of Svobodny. The asphalt-paved area of the overpass will be 7,400 square meters, including access roads.

“The construction of the overpass is being carried out as scheduled, some works have been completed ahead of schedule. Now crushed stone is being laid with ramming. The laying of asphalt from Lomonosov Street to the overpass will begin on Sunday, the length of the first section is 468 meters,” said Boris Novichikhin, Deputy General Director for Production of SK Mostotrest LLC.

“Due to the collapse of the old overpass in the city, the transport connectivity was paralyzed. It took us 24 hours to re-establish the connection between the central and Zalineyny District of the city. Quite a bit of money was invested in the construction of bypass roads. Of course, opening of the new overpass will play a very important role in establishing connectivity between the parts of Svobodny. Public transport will return to its usual route, which allows to get to the Zalineyny District using the route that is significantly shorter than the bypass,” said the head of Svobodny Vladimir Konstantinov.

Besides that, there are plans to construct three more overpasses in the region in Novobureisky, Zavitinsk and Seryshevo. The design documentation for the construction in Novobureisky is ready. In the fourth quarter of 2021, it is planned to begin the selection of contractors, construction will begin in 2022.

Source: Government of the Amur Region

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