The new Zeya bridge is 38% complete

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The head of the region Vasily Orlov was briefed on the work progress at the construction site of the bridge.

 “After the flood on the left bank of the Zeya River (Zazeisky Settlement), support No. 20 was erected in the shortest possible time. Now the fourth stage of the superstructure launching is being completed in here. There are 5 more supports on the left bank that are involved the process. In the first decade of October, we expect to start the next stage of the superstructure launching. Due to the flood, it was impossible to erect the supports, in the meantime span structures were assembled, in this regard a solid basis for future work has been established. Now we have increased our efforts to construct the piers,” said the project supervisor and the head of USK MOST JSC branch office Eduard Davydov.

Now, as a few stages of superstructure launching have been completed, 504 meters of superstructures out of 1,932 meters have been built. More than 300 meters are assembled and awaiting sliding. As soon as the supports are erected, 3 more stages of sliding will be carried out by the end of the year.

The head of the region asked what was percentage of the facility that had been completed.

“According to our calculations, the facility is 38% ready,” noted Eduard Davydov.

In the coming days, it is planned to start the superstructure launching over the support No. 7 on the right bank of the Zeya (from the side of Blagoveshchensk).

More than 900 people and 158 units of basic and 38 units of auxiliary equipment are involved in the construction.

Source: Government of the Amur Region

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