Specialists of the BTS-MOST Group received appreciation letters for the overpass construction in Svobodny

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The new overpass was opened to traffic on the 1st of November

The Governor of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov visited the new overpass in the city of Svobodny, where he listened to a report on the construction completion and the executed works. After that, in the city administration, the builders of the BTS-MOST Group were awarded the letters of appreciation from the Governor, the regional Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities Management, as well as from the Administration of the city of Svobodny.

“The construction took one year and a month and was completed on schedule. During the building process some additional works, such as reinforcement of the road base and road repairs on several street sections, were carried out. New technologies were used to build the bridge, it is made of stainless steel, and has noise barriers installed,” said Boris Novichikhin, Deputy General Director of SK Mostotrest LLC, a member of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies.

The Head of the Amur Region expressed gratitude to the builders for the executed work:

“I want to thank the BTS-MOST Group of Companies, that has commissioned the overpass according to the plan and fulfilled all its obligations. Modern technologies were used to build the bridge, and it will serve for over 70 years,” said Vasily Orlov.

The construction of the overpass started in September 2020 with the disassembly of old structures. The construction was carried out over the operating Trans-Siberian Railway section without cessation of train traffic and with minimal possessions. The traffic on the overpass was launched on November 1, 2021.

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