The giant TBM Victoria finished tunneling under the bed of the Moskva River

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One of the most complicated sections was about 500 meters long

The metro builders of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies have completed the tunneling of a double-track tunnel section under the Moskva River between Pechatniki and Nagatinsky Zaton stations under construction along the Big Circle Line. As for now, more than 90% of the tunnel between the future stations has been driven.

The construction works are carried out using the ten-meter Herrenknecht S-517 tunnel boring machine Victoria. The total length of the tunnel will be 1,692 meters, of which 1,540 meters have already been driven by the TBM.  

“The tunnel is being bored in a dense urban environment under the operating Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line and collecting underground canals of the Nishchenka River, as well as under the bed of the Moskva River near the Nagatinsky Zaton District. The tunneling under the riverbed has been completed, and around 500 meters of the tunnel have been excavated. To enter the construction pit of the future Nagatinsky Zaton Station 152 meters are to be driven,” said the Head of the Dubrovka Branch Office and the Metro Construction Project Supervisor of BTS-MOST JSC Konstantin Ponomarenko.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies