Construction of a road bridge in Kaliningrad has started

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The head of the city administration Elena Dyatlova visited the construction site

The specialists of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies have started the construction of a road bridge across the Pregolya River in the city of Kaliningrad. Elena Dyatlova, the Head of the Kaliningrad City Administration, visited the construction site of the road bridge.

The new bridge is being built parallel to the existing double-deck bridge, which forms an integral part of the entire transport infrastructure of Kaliningrad. The existing bridge is a cultural heritage site of local importance, but it does not meet the modern requirements in terms of traffic capacity.

“We have already started the installation of bored piles of the new road bridge. The bridge will have a 66-m-long vertical-lifting central span. Reinforced concrete towers will be built upon the supports No. 4 and No. 5 to lift the span,” said Viktor Martynenko, the General Director of SK Mostotrest LLC (a member of the BTS-MOST Group).

The superstructures of the new bridge are designed as all-metal structures with an orthotropic carriageway slab and as steel-reinforced concrete structures. The bridge piers will be made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

The BTS-MOST Group has successfully engaged into and carried out the construction of infrastructure facilities in the Kaliningrad Region since 2002.

Some of the constructed facilities are worth to be noted, for example:

– Primorsky Ring (1st Stage and 4th Stage), including 25 bridges, overpasses, and a pedestrian bridge; the length of the section is 46.8 km;

– Berlinsky Bridge with a length of 640.4 m;

– the Second Estakadny Bridge with a length of 1,883 m;

– overpass on Gaidar Street.

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