Vasily Orlov: “As part of the the Zeya Bridge construction project, new kilometers of roads are being built – this is construction from scratch carried out in waterlogged conditions”

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Construction of an entire facility is carried out simultaneously throughout the entire construction site

The new Zeya Bridge builders of BTS-MOST JSC, a member of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies, are preparing to divert traffic to a bypass road in the area of the intersection of a highway with Vladimirovka – Zazeysky road next week.

The bypass road is covered with asphalt. A construction plot has been filled in the area adjacent to the highway for erection of the 1st and 2nd supports of the overpass under construction, works on engineering network protection and bypass arrangement are also being carried out.

“New kilometers of roads are being built within the Zeya Bridge construction project – this is construction from scratch in difficult waterlogged conditions. Taking into account the specific features of our climate and the place where the bridge construction is carried out, some modern solutions are used to build access roads, which are reinforced to reduce the impact of floods. The construction of the entire facility is carried out in parallel throughout the entire construction site,” said the Head of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov.

Besides that, as for the road part of the project, the builders are performing embankment slope protection works for access roads.

“We are proceeding with the construction of access roads: filling the embankment of road formation, and despite challenging hydrological conditions, we have also started the embankment slope protection works. We install precast concrete blocks at the base of the embankment with subsequent installation of gabion walls filled with stone on the slopes. The new road is being built taking into account the negative impact of possible emergencies. Both the embankment, that will be from 6 to 10 meters high, and the slope protection will help to avoid complete flooding of the road as well its washing out during freshet seasons or possible floods,” said Oleg Volkov, Deputy Head of Branch Office for Road Construction of BTS-MOST JSC.

Source: Government of the Amur Region

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