Tunnelling of the Pechatniki – Nagatinsky Zaton section of the Moscow Metro’s Big Circle Line has been completed

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TBM Victoria has bored 1,692 meters of a tunnel

A breakthrough of a double-track tunnel on the section of the Moscow Metro’s Big Circle Line from Pechatniki Station to Nagatinsky Zaton Station has been completed.

Specialists of BTS-MOST Group of Companies carried out tunnelling works using a unique 10-meter Herrenknecht EPB-10690 (S-517) tunnel boring machine “Victoria”.

“Today, the TBM has completed tunnelling and entered the pit of the station under construction. The Pechatniki – Nagatinsky Zaton section was rather challenging. The construction was carried out in a dense urban area under high technogenic load. We passed under the operating Pechatniki Station of the Lublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line, and a section under the bed of the Moskva River made up almost a third of the entire route,” said the Head of the Dubrovka Branch Office and the Metro Construction Project Supervisor of BTS-MOST JSC Konstantin Ponomarenko.

The total length of the tunnel from Pechatniki Station to Nagatinsky Zaton Station is 1,692 meters. The outer diameter of the facility is 10.3 m, the inner diameter is 9.4 m. The TBM has picked up a top speed of over 440 m per month.

Previously Victoria completed tunnelling from Tekstilshchiki Station to Pechatniki Station. The total length of the Big Circle Line’s section built by BTS-MOST Group of Companies is 3,002 m.

The new tunnel has a double track, so the construction period is shorter, as two tracks for train traffic in both directions are located straight in one tunnel.

“Now, we have to dismantle the TBM, and after that it will be transferred to Tolbino production facility near Moscow,” Ponomarenko said.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies