The first meter of the new Dusse-Alin Tunnel has been excavated

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Tunnelling is carried by drilling and blasting method

The first blast has been carried out at the western portal of the new Dusse-Alin Tunnel by the builders of STROY-TREST JSC, a member of BTS-MOST Group of Companies. Preparation works have been taking place since November – the builders have built an arch cover from pipes and carried out face excavation.

“About 30 kilograms of patronized explosive AMMONITE 6ZhV were laid in 47 predrilled blast-holes, after which blasting was carried out. As a result, the first meter of the new tunnel has been excavated marking the actual start of the tunnelling. Now, rock debris is being cleaned, an arch is being installed and concrete is being laid, after that we will blow up again,” said Alexander Severin, Deputy General Director for Tunnel Construction of STROY-TREST JSC.

Construction of the new tunnel is carried out by drilling and blasting method. In total, it is planned to carry out 1,200 blasts. For the first 30 meters of the tunnel, the builders will excavate one meter per blast, and after that two – meters per blast.

The new Dusse-Alin Tunnel is 1,824 meters long and is being constructed parallel to the existing tunnel built in 1982. The construction is carried out as a part of the Baikal-Amur Mainline Modernization Programme.

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