Сutterhead of TBM Victoria was raised from the pit of Nagatinsky Zaton Station

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Once it is disassembled, it will be taken to the production facility

The specialists of BTS-MOST Group of Companies have completed one of the most challenging stages of TBM Victoria disassembly – they raised the rotary mechanism from the dismantling chamber of Nagatinsky Zaton Station of the Moscow Metro’s Big Circle Line.

160-ton сutterhead with a diameter of 10.65 m was dismantled using SBL-1100 gantry crane and Cometto MSPE EVO2 modular trailer.

“First, we separated the cutterhead from the central part of the TBM and lifted it vertically from the dismantling chamber to a height of 27 meters. Then the cutterhead was put into a horizontal position and transported over 25 meters to the modular trailer, that carried and placed it on metal racks for subsequent disassembly. As soon as disassembly is finished, the machine will be sent to the production and technical facility of BTS-MOST Group of Companies in Tolbino near Moscow,” said Konstantin Ponomarenko, Head of Dubrovka Branch Office and Metro Project Manager of BTS-MOST JSC.

TBM Victoria completed tunnelling from Tekstilshchiki Station to Pechatniki Station. The total length of the Big Circle Line’s section built by BTS-MOST Group of Companies is 3,002 m.

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