More than halfway is behind: in 2023 we will have a modern bridge across the Zeya in Blagoveshchensk – Vasily Orlov

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Governor of Amur Region Vasily Orlov held a working meeting on the construction of a new bridge across the Zeya River via videoconference. The participants of the meeting summarized the results of the construction.

During the meeting, the Head of the region was briefed on the completed works over the past year.

“We have completed all the works on the installation of 257 bored piles, 12 out of 26 piers are completely ready. 3,605 tons of the superstructure were assembled at the left-bank construction site and 2,102 tons were assembled at the right-bank site. Within eight stages of the superstructure launching, 672 meters of the superstructure on the left bank and 115 meters on the right bank were slid. Also, this year the first elements of the cable-stayed system were installed. As for the road construction: over 1,549,000 m3 of roadbed have already been filled, we have started gabion installation. The construction of the bridge will continue during holidays, we do realize how important this project is for the residents of the region, and we continue fulfilling our obligations. We express our gratitude to the Government of the Amur Region for the extensive support and assistance in the construction of the new Zeya Bridge” Project Manager of BTS-MOST JSC Eduard Davydov said.

In total, 865 people are engaged in the construction of the facility, more than 140 units of construction equipment are involved.

“Three billion rubles have been additionally allocated from the Reserve Fund of the Russian Government in 2021 for the advanced commissioning of the bridge across the Zeya River in 2023. The new Zeya Bridge is an important transport facility for the Amur Region, a huge work has been done, according to the construction criteria, more than halfway is behind – it is a half-finished project. We will see two sides of the bridge joined together and a wholly assembled structure by summer, and in 2023 we will have a modern bridge,” Head of the Amur Region Vasily Orlov said.

To confirm the quality of the materials and components used, as well as the compliance with the construction technology, the bridge construction is constantly monitored by the client, State Public Institution “Amuruprador”, which guarantees the proper quality of the built structures. Work safety measures and environmental legislation requirements are observed during construction.

“We get the reports on supervisory activities and see all the supervision points, remarks and comments using a specially designed web resource. Also, some construction supervision experts are involved. For each type of work and at each construction stage we get an expert assessment. The facility is being constructed in accordance with the approved design solutions and with appropriate quality, all of this will further guarantee safe operation of the facility,” Minister of Transport of the Amur Region Alexander Zelenin pointed out.

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