Underwater cutting was used to erect bridge pier No.9

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In winter builders of BTS-MOST JSC, a part of BTS-MOST Group, are working on the 9th river pier from a pontoon bridge. It is used to transport the equipment, deliver and move out the materials. In total, four barges were installed by freezing.

Divers were engaged by builders to facilitate the construction of a sheet pile wall of the bridge pier No.9.

“We continue working on the construction of river piers, on the 9th pier we used the technology of underwater cutting of sheet metal structures involving divers. Cutting was carried out by special gas flame equipment designed for underwater works. A heated tent was installed over the ice hole for comfortable work,” Project manager and Head of the Branch Office of BTS-MOST JSC Eduard Davydov said.

To date, 12 out of 26 piers have already been completed, 787 meters of the new Zeya highway bridge superstructure have been launched.

In total, 26 piers and a stay-cable system will serve as a base of the structure. The total length of the facility is 9 km, of which 2 km is the bridge part, 7 km are approaches.

The construction is carried out as a part of the National Project “Safe and High-Quality Motorways”.

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