BTS-MOST Group of Companies completed construction of the Russian part of the first cross-border railway bridge between Russia and China

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Yury Trutnev started the official opening ceremony

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev gave the command to open the traffic

“Today, a significant event for both the Russian Far East and our whole country has happened. The builders managed to overcome all the environmental and climatic challenges. The scale of the infrastructure facility corresponds to its importance for the development of economic cooperation between Russia and China, especially in a situation of new challenges arising from unfriendly countries. The first railway bridge crossing between our friendly countries will become a key element of the new export route, create an impetus for the development of new production facilities and logistics hubs in the Russian Far East, and improve transport accessibility of several regions in the Russian Far East,” Yury Trutnev said.

General Director of Bamtonnelstroy-Most JSC Alexander Popov reported to the Deputy Prime Minister on the implementation of the project.

“Construction of the Russian part of the cross-border bridge in severe natural and climatic conditions was a real challenge for Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies, our specialists coped with it perfectly well due to their professionalism and some out-of-box engineering solutions applied. As a result, we have gained valuable experience in building the unique infrastructure facility that will serve the peoples of Russia and China for many years to come,” General Director of Bamtonnelstroy-Most JSC Alexander Popov said.

Сonstruction of the Russian part of the bridge has been carried out on the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region, the Chinese part – in Heilongjiang province. The new railway bridge is 2,209 m long, including 309 m on the Russian side. The total length of the Russian part of the bridge with approaches is 5,272 meters, 24,145 meters of railway tracks have been laid. At the facility, up to 900 people and 215 units of equipment were involved in the construction process. Also, Leninsk Station has been reconstructed, Mikhailo-Semyonovskaya Station (Leninsk-2) has been built, and railway cargo-passenger permanent multilateral checkpoint Nizhneleninskoye has been opened as part of the project. The bridge is designed for alternate passage of trains on a railway track with two gauge standards: 1,520 mm track for Russian rolling stock and 1,435 mm track for the Chinese.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies