Construction of the pile cap of the pylon of the bridge across the Oka River on M-12 Highway has been completed

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372 tons of rebar cage and 1950.2 cubic meters of concrete were used

The construction of the upper part of the pile foundation (pile cap) of the pylon of the cable-stayed bridge over the Oka River on the M-12 Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan Highway has been completed.

The pile cap is a reinforced concrete slab 4 meters thick, 41.6 meters long and 11.75 meters wide. It will join together 44 piles under the slab and evenly distribute the load on them. Further, from the pile cap two legs, 89.9 meters high each, will be erected, they will be connected with struts and form the highest pylon of the bridge.

“At the initial stage of the pile cap construction, 90 specialists of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies were engaged. They reinforced a 372-ton rebar cage, installed a formwork, and then began concreting the pile cap. Eight concrete mixers were delivering and two concrete pumps were continuously pouring concrete for 45 hours, the total volume of concrete reached 1950.2 cubic meters,” Deputy Project Manager of SK MOST JSC (part of the Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group) Daulet Sizo noted.

The bridge across the Oka is the only cable-stayed bridge on the M-12 Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan Highway under construction. It will connect the Vladimir Region and Nizhny Novgorod Region in the area of the city of Murom. The facility will be 1,377.6 meters long. Over 500 people and 100 units of equipment are currently involved in the construction.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies