Construction of the piers in the riverbed and floodplain of the new Zeya Bridge has been completed

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32,427 cubic meters of concrete were laid

The builders of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies have completed the construction of the new Zeya Bridge piers in the riverbed and floodplain. The works were carried out simultaneously at several construction sites. The piers in the floodplain were erected from the temporary road built on the left bank, the piers in the riverbed were built from the temporary bridge on the right bank, as well as using their own floating platforms.

“We have completed concrete works on the piers in the riverbed and floodplain, now they are being prepared for launching and installation of the superstructure onto the bearings. Once the launching is completed and the superstructures on the right and left banks are connected, we will dismantle the assembly jig and proceed to the construction of the remaining four piers of the ramp part of the bridge crossing,” Project Manager and Chief of Branch Office of Bamtonnelstroy-Most JSC Eduard Davydov said.

Construction of the bridge crossing started in June 2020 with erection of pier No. 23 located on the left bank of the Zeya River. 32,427 cubic meters of concrete and 3,461.72 tons of reinforcement bars were used to build the piers. 257 bored piles serve as a foundation of the piers.

The bridge crossing rests on 26 piers, on which the superstructure is installed by longitudinal launching. The length of the facility is 9 km, of which 7 km are access roads, 2 km are for the bridge. The bridge has an optimally designed extradosed structure that allows to reduce weight of the superstructure, height of the pylons and length of the stay cables.

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