The longest stage of superstructure launching on the new Zeya bridge has been completed

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Builders completed launching of metal structures of three spans with a total length of 252 meters within 7 days

On the new Zeya Bridge in Blagoveshchensk specialists of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies have completed the longest stage of superstructure installation. The launching speed reached 2.5 m/h.

“This was the penultimate stage of the left part’s superstructure launching – 252 meters were moved from the pier No.16 to the pier No. 13, we still have to launch 432 meters (168 m from the left bank and 264 m from the right bank) before connecting the superstructures at the pier No.11,” Project Manager and Chief of Branch Office of Bamtonnelstroy-Most JSC Eduard Davydov said.

The 7th launching stage was the longest one, both in duration and in covered distance. Builders have installed the superstructure on three piers in 7 days. The total weight of the launched structure was 4,277 tons.

To construct the new Zeya Bridge builders apply the longitudinal launching method using the hydraulic equipment. The span structures are assembled on a building berth and then launched one by one by jacks onto the ready-made piers using the sliding devices.

The new road bridge will be based on 26 piers and will have a cable-stayed structure. The total length of the facility is 9 km, of which 2 km are the bridge part, 7 km are the approaches.

Car traffic on the bridge will be arranged in one lane in each direction. According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of the project will decrease the traffic load on the existing bridge by 40-60%, which will allow the residents of the Amur Region to cover the distance between the city and the federal highway more conveniently.

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